Few things turn an apartment into a home like a four-legged friend sharing the space. That’s why searching through pet-friendly apartments is so vital: You want a space in which you, your family, and your pet can be happy.

That’s why Twin Pines Apartments works hard to provide a positive environment for you and your furry friends. Keep reading to learn about three benefits of pet-friendly apartments like ours.

Benefits of Owning a Pet

First, let’s get into the reasons why owning a pet is so beneficial to you. According to HealthScope, research has shown that those with pets reap significant physical and mental health benefits: Pet owners often have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, a lower risk of heart disease, and a stronger immune system.

Think that’s great? Well, it doesn’t stop there! Owning a pet has also been tied to stress relief and improved mood. Twin Pines recognizes these important benefits, which is why we work so hard to provide pet-friendly apartments. Let’s get into why our apartments are the perfect fit for you and your pet.

Plenty of Space for Quality Time

One of the greatest benefits of pet-friendly apartments is having the space to spend time with them! Our three floor plan options ensure you and your pets have more than enough room to lounge around or cuddle up next to each other. When it comes to getting some fresh air, our grounds offer garden pathways that are perfect for daily walks, with Pet Waste Stations throughout the community making cleanup quick and easy. Our location is also centrally located, with dog parks like La Palma, Garden Grove, and Arbor only 15 minutes away by car. Your pet will love spending time with you and exploring its new home!

Our Fair Pet Policy

Because we offer pet-friendly apartments, we know what you and your pets need to have a happy life. That’s why we have implemented a considerate pet policy for you. There is a maximum pet weight limit of 50 pounds, and we allow for cats and other small animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, and birds—though we ask that smaller pets be caged and kept in a sanitary condition. We also ask that additional or other pets be approved by management as only authorized pets are allowed on the premises. Finally, we have breed restrictions due to size and behavior traits. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to answer them.

Owning a pet is so beneficial to your overall well-being and key to leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only do they improve your mood, but they are also linked to several significant physical health benefits. We know your pets will love taking advantage of all the benefits our pet-friendly apartments have to offer!