This summer is unlike any other in living memory. Despite the challenges, there’s still time to make good memories with your children. Here are five fun activities to do with the kids this summer:


1. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

We all need a little outside time to break up our quarantine; why not make it engaging for your children by going on a neighborhood scavenger hunt together? With this free scavenger hunt checklist, put your kids on the lookout for items they may have seen but never taken notice of before (lawn statues, swingsets, fun mailboxes, etc.). It’s a simple activity that’ll have them looking at your neighborhood in a whole new way. 

2. Arts and Crafts

When boredom strikes, an arts and crafts project can unlock new levels of creativity. For those new to the world of construction paper and glue, here are 50 crafting ideas to get you started.

3. Cooking Together

Want to bond with your children while teaching them important life skills? Cooking is just what you need! Start out simple—no macarons or Beef Wellington quite yet. Try your kids’ favorites first, or maybe a simple recipe designed with kids in mind. Not only will they learn as they go, but this could be the way to get your picky eaters more willing to try something new. 

4. Nature Hike

Enjoy the beauty of California’s outdoors by taking your kids on a nature hike. Fullerton Loop Trail is only 20 minutes away from us here at Twin Pines. Of course, you’ll need to observe social distancing regulations while out in public, and the governor has recently issued a new mask mandate, so plan accordingly, and bring plenty of water to keep you and yours well hydrated.

5. Movie Night

Summer nights are the best, especially outside as the air begins to cool and the stars peak out. As everyone cozies down, pop some popcorn, gather together, and put on a new movie to enjoy as a family. With more movies following the lead of Trolls 2 and Onward, you’re bound to have more and more options to stream for a family movie night. For an extra measure of fun, go “drive-in style” by letting your kids build their own cardboard box cars to sit in during the show. 


This summer is all set to be memorable. Make sure it’s memorable for the right reasons for your children with these and other fun ideas.