Memorial Day is here again! A chance to take a break from our busy lives to relax and honor the brave men and women who fought and died while serving in the US Armed Forces.

With parades canceled and social distancing measures still in place, this Memorial Day will be different than any in living memory. All the more reason to do what we can to make it worth remembering! Here are four ways to create a meaningful Memorial Day.

1. Raise the Flag

Every year, a group of holidays are designated as flag holidays—days on which the American flag should be raised and displayed, with instructions for how to do so. Memorial Day is designated as a half-staff day, which means the flag should be raised to half-mast until noon. Even if you don’t have a flag pole, you can participate by displaying a flag somewhere in your home.

2. Remember a Fallen Soldier 

As a day of reflection, Memorial Day is a great time for some family history. Look through your family tree for relatives who have served, and ask around for their stories. Maybe Grandpa served in WWII, or an ancestor died in the Civil War. Connections to servicemen and servicewomen abound, whether those family members fought for the US or another country. Take this chance to connect with your family more than before.

3. Talk to a Veteran

While Memorial Day is specifically for those who have fallen, you can’t go amiss by honoring those who have served and lived. Connect with a family member, friend, or neighbor. Due to quarantine, we could all benefit from some human connection right now, and a phone call or video conference can go a long way. You can even find an opportunity to volunteer among our veterans.

4. Watch a Movie

Instead of binging another series on Netflix or Hulu, make your next viewing selection with some thought. Find a historically accurate war film and watch it with your loved ones. No matter what conflict they served in, we could all stand to learn more about those who gave their all for our country.

This year’s Memorial Day will be different no matter what we do. We can still exert control and make it memorable for the right reasons. Raise the flag, remember a fallen soldier, talk to a veteran, or watch a movie—whatever it takes to remember this day and the fallen.